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Model - CK1851

The CK1851 converts your Uberti or Pietta 1851 or 1861 .36 caliber revolver to .38 Long Colt. When assembly is complete, your revolver will look like one of the conversion Navy revolvers made by Colt in the 1870’s. This kit combines the superior handling qualities and aesthetic lines of the classic Navy revolver with the convenience of a center fire cartridge. The light recoil makes this conversion a natural for general shooting as well as Cowboy Action Shooting. When ordering, please select whether your gun is Uberti or Pietta and whether you intend to use it with the standard unlined percussion barrel or are planning to have your barrel lined to .357. For use in the unlined percussion barrel, we recommend you use a hollow base bullet or factory loaded .38 SPL 148gr HBWC target ammunition. For use in the lined perucssion barrel, you may use any 38LC cowboy ammunition.  Revolver will have to be mailed to Howell's for a CK Installation or barrel lining.  Please call with any questions. 

  • MODEL................CK1851
  • CALIBER..............38 Long Colt
  • CAPACITY..........6
  • FINISH....................Blue

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Retail Price: $295.00