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1860 Army .45

The OS1860 is a unique piece of engineering in its own right. ‘They’ said it couldn’t be done, but once again, ‘they’ are wrong! The OS1860 converts your Uberti or Pietta 1860 ‘Army’ style revolver to fire the venerable .45 Schofield cartridge! To obtain this, the cylinder was engineered to have a five shot capacity and for use in CAS competition. It was designed with 10 stop notches. The extra stop notches are the safety notches and lock the chambers out of the firing chain. The OS1860 was examined and approved for SASS use by the Territorial Governors. The OS1860 is also available with the authentic Naval Battle scene engraving. The OS1860 is to be used with either smokeless ‘Cowboy’ loads, such as the quality ammunition available from Black Hills Ammunition, or Black Powder .45 Schofield ammunition. one of the easiest shooting loads in the OS1860 is the Black Hills .45 Schofield with the 180gr. RNFP bullet.

No frame modification needed, although minor fitting may be required due to gun manufacturer variations.


  • MODEL . . . . . . . . .1860
  • CALIBER . . . . . . ..45 Colt/Schofield
  • CAPACITY . . . . .5
  • FINISH . . . . . . . . .Blue/Stainless



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Product SKU: 1860
Retail Price: $220.00