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1851/1861 Navy .38 Long Colt

The 1851/1861 cylinder was designed for the Uberti or Pietta 1851, or 1861, Navy revolver and converts it to fire the .38 Long Colt cartridge. This model gives you the superior handling characteristics and outward appearance of the honored ‘Navy’, with the convenience of cartridges! Once the loaded cylinder is in place, it is extremely hard to tell it is “cartridge” revolver. The 1851/1861 cylinder is also available with the proper “Naval Battle’ scene engraving found on the original cylinder. You may also use this conversion cylinder for the Pietta 1862 Police .36 cal 6 shot pistol only.  If you have an 1851 Navy .44 cal, please order an 1860 Army 5 shot cylinder.

If you have an unlined barrel, we recommend using a hollow based bullet to overcome the larger bore of the original barrel.  Hollow based bullets will bump up to follow the rifling in the barrel, i.e.   38 Special Hollow based Wadcutter ammunition. 

If you would like for us to line your barrel, the entire gun has to be sent in, as we need to set head space-space between the barrel and cylinder.  Please contact the office for mailing instructions.  Lining the barrel to .357 will increase accuracy and any standard .38 caliber bullet may be used.  When ordering please note that a lined cylinder must be used in conjunction with a lined barrel (.357.)

No frame modification needed, although minor fitting may be required due to gun manufacturer variations.


  • MODEL...................1851/1861
  • CALIBER............... .38 Long Colt
  • CAPACITY ...........6
  • FINISH....................Blue

1851/1861 Model:

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Product SKU: 1851/1861
Retail Price: $225.00